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Activity therapy is healthcare service company, currently providing Occupational Therapy services to adult and older people who need professional support to achieve their maximum possible independence in their self-care activities, household chores and community participation.

Mission Statement

“Our mission is to provide a high quality, safe Occupational Therapy for those who need us”


“Our Aim is to build Multi Disciplinary Professional Practice to bring meaning and improve health and wellbeing of our clients”


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Our Services

Company was founded on 29th February 2016 under limited company, to achieve its Vision and Mission. Since its conception served number of patients in their own home, residential facilities, in group session and one to one retraining sessions. Which enabled them to participate in their activities and fulfil their life to fullest.

Home Assessment

We use number of observational tools to establish current functional performance and identify potential areas for improvement in personal and domestic chores. We will be able to devise intervention plan and compensatory techniques to achieve independence in essential activities to facilitate and continue live with your family and in your own community.

Wheelchair Assesment

People lose or are limited in use of their legs from chronic or acute illness or injury. Which curtails their participation in activities like walking, running, cycling, and swimming. Most importantly, they are deprived of countless routine occupations like shopping, visiting family and friends, accessing facilities like post office and banks. There are number of innovations around the world to overcome these limitations, with our careful assessment and prescription of seating, we will be able to help you regain as much activities as possible.


Memory Management

Cognitive assessment are important tool in measuring your current level of cognitive functioning and identifying appropriate level of assistance and adaptation required for optimum level of occupational performance. 


Assistive Technology for Safety

Explore range of assistive devices to attain your independence in safety


Assistive Technology for Independence

People could lose optimum use of their arm and hands due to number of limiting conditions like arthritis, Parkinson’s, nerve damage, fracture, stroke, and head injury. When you are stabilised medically, you will be able to regain the use of your arm and hands with close monitoring and interventions.


Driving Assessment

Get your driving skills checked out before returning to driving following hospitalization 



Activities of daily living: 10 sessions

Activities of daily living: 10 sessions.

14 days money back guarantee,

Generate Report,

Home Programme,

Email Support and Telephone support


Arm Retraining: 10 Sessions

Arm Retraining: 10 sessions.

14 days money back guarantee,

Generate Report,

Home Programme,

Email Support and Telephone support


Happy Stories

Exceptional service, Gothandan was very professional and easy to talk to, felt very comfortable speaking to him about my conditions. Would definitely recommend them to anyone to anyone who’s in need of a occupational therapist. 10/10



Gothandan visited me recently to do an assessment for a grant to get our bathroom upgraded because of health issues i have been having and having constant falls in the bathroom. I must say that Gothandan is a complete professional and very easy to talk to he put me at ease as soon as he came through the door which is a great way to be.
I would recommend Gothandan to anyone he does a great job.
Kind regards.



Gothandan is a very good occupational therapist, he cares about his clients and is interested in their daily life and how there individual needs will be met.
He made me feel very safe and happy with the visit.
As a person with anxiety I was unsure about how to go about paperwork and stuff but Gothandan was very good, I will be using Gothandan again.



My father was aged 94 and suffering from Alzheimer’s. We had a bad experience with a former provider but when Gothandan came to see my father I saw a great change in my father’s responses.
Gothandan was patient and kind to my father, he listened to Dad and to me as his carer. He was gentle and smiling with my Dad.
Gothandan went to great trouble to source a suitable standing aid and allowed us to try it out with a view to renting or buying it.
I could see that my father felt safe and listened to with Gothandan and I wish him the very best in the future.